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Nology Engineering, Inc. develops and  manufactures high performance ignition systems, engine management systems, spark plugs and other high performance products for road cars, race cars and motorcycles.

Nology's patented ignition technology is designed to be effectively used for all racing, street and emission orientated applications. Nology has established itself as an innovator in the field of ignition technology.

Nology products are available for most popular vehicles, find out which Nology products are available for your car »

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Nology HotWires® performance ignition leads - the most technologically advanced leads available, create a 300% stronger spark.
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Fit Nology Silver™ spark plugs today for the most powerful spark possible. A silver centre electrode delivers more horsepower and cleaner combustion in a race-proven design.
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Enjoy a high-tech carbon fibre look in your engine bay with Nology Coolwires™ performance ignition leads.
Available in red, yellow, blue and a traditional grey carbon fibre look.
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