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Nology Engineering, Inc. develops and manufactures high performance ignition systems, engine management systems, spark plugs and other high performance products for street cars, race cars, trucks, motorcycles, watercrafts, alternative fuel vehicles and industrial engines. Nology's patented ignition technology is designed to be effectively used for all racing, street and emission orientated applications. Nology has established itself as an innovator in the field of ignition technology.

The success and reliability of Nology’s horsepower increasing ignition products is well documented in all types of motor racing. Furthermore, Nology has performed various emission tests and concludes that these products can make a substantial contribution in cleaning up the exhaust emissions of all spark ignited, internal combustion engines.

Many track records and world records have been set using the Nology ignition technology. Seeing Nology products installed on some of the world's fastest race cars, driven by some of the world's most famous drivers, is the most flattering form of compliment to Nology and proof that the technology works.

Many of Nology's products are without any direct competition and cannot be substituted with any other products.

Nology products are exclusively imported and distributed in the UK by The Performance Company, who supply Nology through a network of authorised Nology dealers.


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