Nology Power Additives


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Nology PowerboostPowerBoost® contains cleaning agents, solvents, and enzymes that will remove deposits on pistons, combustion chambers, valves, and catalytic converters restoring engine performance and lowering emissions. PowerBoost® is a catalyst that improves fuel/air mixture formation, which together with the cleaning of fuel injectors and the restoration of injector spray patterns, assures excellent fuel atomization and a octane booster effect. A homogeneous fuel/air mixture has the same effect as higher octane fuel. Continued use prevents reformation of deposits assuring prolonged efficient and low polluting engine.

PowerBoost® increases fuel efficiency and engine performance, and lowers exhaust emissions. It is completely harmless to catalytic converters and oxygen sensors, and is EPA approved.



Nology Not HotThe specially formulated Not-Hot is a breakthrough in thermo-reduction technology. Not-Hot is a high performance water surface-tension eliminator that helps engines run cooler and more efficient, by making hot-spots in the engine more accessible to the coolant. Not-Hot can reduce coolant temperature by 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Not-Hot is compatible with all metals, seals and hoses. Mixes with any radiator antifreeze. Not-Hot features 12 rust inhibitors in a biodegradable, long life formulation.

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Nology PowertripPowerTrip® coats the metal and forms a complex bond that is durable friction barrier. It offers maximum protection for high performance engines and reduces friction. a 5% gain in horsepower and a 5% to 7% increase in fuel mileage is possible.

PowerTrip® combines extreme pressure agents, friction modifiers, anti-wear additives an corrosion inhibitors in just the right formulation to guarantee boundary lubrication and hydrodynamic separation together with lower friction, even under the most extreme engine conditions. PowerTrip® is fully compatible with any engine lubricant. This race-proven super engine oil treatment is guaranteed to put any engine on a PowerTrip®.